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The process of finding the truth may not be a process which we feel increasingly better and better.

It may be a process by which we look at things honestly,



and that may or may not be an easy thing to do.


El proceso para encontrar la verdad puede o no ser un proceso en donde uno gradualmente se sienta cada vez mejor.

Puede ser un proceso donde mirando las cosas de forma honesta,


de forma verdadera,

y eso puede o no ser algo sencillo de hacer.



Perhaps this phrase is somehow over used and you may think it is stating the obvious; nevertheless it is a hard statement and it is a hard call that each one of us has to face at some point in life.

Personally, having embarked on this journey I must admit it was a painful journey; twisted roads and walking in circles, avoiding at points the edges so not to see the depth of the abyss, the spiralling upwards and downwards attached to every single question.

Although a bit battered I came out the other side refreshed and renewed; perhaps hardened. I hope with some wisdom.


Tal vez esta frase haya sido demasiado usada y posiblemente sea algo obvio; sin embargo es una frase dura que llama a una tarea difícil que en algún punto u otro de la vida todos debemos de responder.

Personalmente, me he embarcado en este viaje y demás esta admitir que fué una jornada dolorosa: caminos retorcidos, a veces caminando en círculos, esquivando los bordes para no ver la real profundidad del abismo, subidas y bajadas vertiginosas que se adosaban a cada pregunta.

Y, mas alla de algunos magullones, sali del otro lado renovada, regenerada; tal vez un poco mas dura. Espero haber ganado algo de sabiduría.


Were you happy today?

I just read this brilliant phrase – yes, courtesy of Goodreads of course –  and gave me food for thought, and inevitably I discover that today – as yesterday – my little one made me happy. I was happy with my actions of the day, I was happy on how the day went, I was happy to see my little one be happy.

The days that make us happy make us wise .

John Masefield

So, following Masefield phrase, I can say, happily, that today I am wiser than yesterday.

Enjoy, and have a happy week. Be wiser.



Note on Masefield :

As a young man, English poet John Masefield (born June 1, 1878) always had his nose in a book. His aunt did not approve, so she encouraged him to break his “addiction” by joining the crew of the HMS Conway. On board, Masefield actually had more time to read than he ever had on land. Soon enough, he was even writing his own stories and poems.


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