Let go of…

Let go of what has passed.

Let go of what is happening now.

Don’t try to figure anything out.

Don’t try to make anything happen.

Relax, right now, and rest.


Lo que ha pasado, dejalo ir.

Lo que esta sucediendo, dejalo ir.

No intentes comprender.

No intentes hacer que las cosas sucedan.

Relajate, ahora mismo, y descansa.


It makes me wonder if we could apply this to be more present…


Peace is something…

Peace is something you will never experience if you keep letting things you cannot control, control you.

Let it go.

Trent Shelton

Paz es algo que no podrĂ¡s sentir nunca si sigues intentando controlar cosas que no puedes controlar, y estas te controlan a ti.

Dejalas ir.

Trent Shelton