Once you realise…

Once you realise that the road is the goal

and that you are always on the road,

not to reach a goal, but to enjoy its beauty and its wisdom,

life ceases to be a task

and becomes natural and simple,

in itself an ecstasy.

Nisargadatta Maharaj

Cuando finalmente tedes cuenta que el camino es la meta

y que siempre estás en el camino,

no para alcanzar la meta sino para disfrutar de su belleza y sabiduría,

la vida deja de ser una tarea

y se vuelve simple, natural,

un éxtasis en si misma.

Nisargadatta Maharaj


This kind of wisdom is the one that comes naturally with children. Life for children is natural, is simple, it is a road through a journey that comes full of wonders and amazement at each turn.

I keep wondering why adults insist on turning this natural wonder into a task, erase these forces from the child’s mind to make life a task with boxes to tick and dotted lines to fill, pre-emptied ideas and things that lack room for creation.


Esta clase de filosofía es la que viene naturalmente en un niño. La vida, para un niño es natural, es simple, es un camino a través de una jornada que está llena de maravillas y sorpresas en cada esquina.

Aún me pregunto porqué los adultos insistimos en transformar esta maravilla natural en una tarea, borrar estas fuerzas de la mente del niño para hacer de la vida una tarea con casilleros para tildar, líneas para rellenar, ideas ya vacías de contenido y cosas que no dejan lugar para la creatividad.

Dear all…

Beautiful Sculpture outside Salisbury Cathedral. Autumn 2016.

Perhaps you are wondering what it is all this about.

It is about change, it is about growth. It is about starting a new journey.

It is about to generate new pathways instead of follow old known roads.

The Happy Boob Club is not dead! Oh no! it simply grew, like we all do. Now it is renamed “Motherhood. And…everything in between”. After a very very long thought I feel it was about time to reflect the change. Hence the change of name, the change of background.

I hope you enjoy it.