This is a classic!

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Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle;

and the life of the candle will not be shortened.

Happiness never decreases by being shared.

The Buddha

Miles de velas pueden encenderse con una sola vela;

esto no disminuye la vida util de la vela.

La felicidad nunca disminuye cuando se comparte.

The Buddha


I wrote as a title “this is a classic” because I have read this phrase so many times in different occasions, places and languages that I feel it is a classic that we do not put enough attention to.

I feel that happiness is not something we would divulge so openly; or it is something we would not dare to show openly just in case someone gives us “the look”. I remember clearly sharing my happiness when I found out about the resolution of a very punctual event in my working life and not too many people understood or was open enough to understand my happiness and to accept my humble gift of sharing it. Only my true friends smiled and were as happy as I was. Happy for me, happy for the happy ending.

Everybody else, just looked at me in a sort of pitiful way. Why is it that everybody hear the struggles and bad news and when finally those struggles disappear and you are happy or relieved, then they look at you as if you were mental? I honestly don’t get it. But if you share cakes and drinks, most likely everybody will turn to it and celebrate with you.

In any case, I still share my happiness. I share it with those who count, with those who like to receive an intangible gift.


Escribí como título de este post “Un clásico” ya que he visto y leído esta frase tantas veces y en tantos lugares, idiomas y ocasiones que siento que ya se ha hecho un “clasico” al cual no le ponemos demasiada atención.

Siento que la felicidad, el sentimiento de estar feliz en un sentimiento que no nos arriesgamos en divulgar de una forma abierta , por las dudas a ver si alguien nos dá esa mirada como queriendo decir “está loco”.

Recuerdo claramente en una situación muy puntual en mi trabajo; después de mucho ajetreo finalmente me enteré que todo había terminado bien (mas que bien!) y compartí mi alegría de que el trabajo que había hecho había salido bien, hubo una buena resolución.

No todo el mundo con el que compartí esta alegría estaba lo suficientemente abierto a recibir mi humilde regalo de alegria que yo estaba queriendo compartir. Sólo mis verdaderos amigos se alegraron conmigo y estaban felices como yo. Felices por el buen resultado, felices por mi felicidad.

Todos los demás? Esos me miraron con esa mirada lastimosa. Me pregunto porqué la gente siempre escucha los problemas y las malas noticias y cuando uno cuenta que esos problemas se han resuelto, que ya no hay malas noticias, que ya estás mejor, feliz , mas aliviado, te miran como si estuvieras loco? Honestamente no lo entiendo. Eso si, si uno repartiera bebidas, tortas y canapes, la gente pega media vuelta y festeja con uno.

De cualquier manera, yo sigo compartiendo mi alegría. La comparto con aquellos que valen, que cuentan, con aquellos que quieran recibir un regalo intangible.


What the waves bring back…



It has been ages since l last wrote. Life has been twisted – not to say hellish – and I would definitely say without a hint of a doubt that the universe, this time, was really, really, *really* putting me to the test.

Now that I read what I wrote, I shall say, was it really the universe or was it a direct consequence of my actions? I have no idea. For that, I prefer to blame the universe, a magnificent force that is so huge and incommensurable that is far easier to blame for absolutely everything.

Because, you know what they say, everything that happens to you, it is because something you have done to provoke it, even when you did not realise it at the time…hello! Here it is, in your face, striking back at you with such a force that you may have to take your soul to A&E to recover from a blunt trauma.

And the worse thing is, perhaps when things are coming your way – particularly the bad ones – you wonder what you have done, really, to deserve all this to happen. My answer to this question was, in a few words from a very dear friend “You didn’t let go”.

Yup. Those were the words. You didn’t let go of everything, you kept holding for dear life to things which deep inside you knew they were not worth the effort, and here you are.

My silence was I think overwhelming to the point my friend asked if I was ok, because I stopped with my diatribe of moaning and complaining. And suddenly something happened: I heard. Yes, I heard the silence; I heard my little one – who now is 20 months old! – snoring, gently (he was with flu); I heard the birds outside chirping away; I heard my breath; I heard my friend’s breath. And I think that was the starting point for “letting go”.

From that moment onwards, I will not say the classic cliché that “My life changed” but what I will say is that things had changed. Perhaps because I changed my attitude towards them, perhaps because I stopped seeing everything from a very dark corner and mainly because I stopped worrying for things that I could not change . I “let go” and waited to see what the waves brought back, so to speak.

And the shores were full!! But my attitude was different.  An example: I got an email from a group of friends that I have not seen in a long time. The friend who wrote apologised for not being in touch more frequently and you know, everything you may say in order to justify the absence of news, mixing it with antics of life.

One of the friends included in this group mail answered almost straight away. Another one answered a day later (I know this because as it seems all of the people in this group email made the effort to press “Forward all” when they wrote the reply) and then when I felt like it I replied. And having said this, at any other given time, I probably would take the time at night – when I did have the most precious time to do everything I did not do during the day – and answer straight away as soon as I received the email, with all my excitement telling aaaaalllll my news at once.

But this time it was different. Answering this email didn’t feel extremely urgent, neither necessary; more to it, when I sat down following my initial impulse, I reconsidered  and thought if it was really worth it to use that time to answer an email – a group email. And somehow, my brain told me “no”.

I did answer in the end – and yes, if you are wondering, I did hit the “forward all” reply –  and I wrote on how life was here for me, without dwelling too much into it, congratulating everyone for the news they threw on the reply and presenting my goodbyes.

Few days later I received a reply to my email from one friend, telling me that most of them kept in touch one way or another, and actually they saw each other regularly.

This made something occur to me. If they keep in touch amongst themselves, why they did not made the same effort to contact me and keep in touch with me? At the end of the day I was in the same group of people, we are – or were at the point when we met – in the same boat? Perhaps my time with this group of friends was up and I should move on.

Perhaps I am at a stage in my life where the good friends are the ones who were cemented and nurtured by time and they survived through circumstances that life threw at each other at different stages. And those are friends who are away, across the ocean. Nevertheless regarding time difference and the distance we keep in touch making the most of the technology available to us.

Since I came to live into this island, I can say I have made very few friends, and they are the kind of friendships that are still in the making, but feel “solid” as if we have known each other for quite a long time – and that somehow is reassuring.

Reassuring in the sense that I know I am not an ogre or an unsocial being and obviously I still have what it takes to make new friends.  Perhaps now – as I said before –  I am at a stage in my life where friendship is more than sharing a burden with a coffee in between. A friendship has become more of an acceptance and a frank dialog sharing what matters in that very moment with a sincere and genuine interest and perhaps a “follow up coffee”.

So perhaps is time for me to “let go” this group of friends. It is time to hear more and to wake up in the morning wondering what the ocean is going to leave on the shores, and take it as it comes.

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