This is just brilliant. A Friend of mine sent it to me this morning, and I thought I must share it! I hope the message is loud and clear…. To whomever did it, a big thank you for the cleverness and for put it so clear.

And there you have it, I stamped on the blog the sign of our times….I was trying to avoid it but reality cannot be avoided…

Esto es, sencillamente, genial. Una amiga me lo envió esta mañana, y no dudé en que debía de compartirlo. Espero que el mensaje sea alto y claro. Y al que hizo este mensaje, desde ya muchas gracias por el ingenio para poner el mensaje bien claro.

Cabe destacar que el punto 9 lo he agregado yo, ya que la cantidad de mascarillas y guantes descartables que hay desechados por todos lados es horrible.

Y si, aquí está, he sellado con esto el signo de los tiempos que corren, he intentado por todos los medios evitarlo, pero a la realidad no se la puede evitar….

A plain runt

Normally I would not runt, vent out nor write about things that bother me. I want this place to be a place to think, reflect and inspire.

But today it will be a runt. A runt that hopefully will cause inspiration, thinking and reflection.

This morning I went to the park with my not so little one. He decided to go with his good old scooter to continue learning how to balance and master the art of the scooter.

As we were in the park and I was keeping an eye on my son, I could not help to notice a group o children – 2 or 3 – of around 10 years old cycling around the park.

All fine until this group of children decided to zoom down the road – dual carriage way just after a roundabout – and did not even look and cycled right in the middle of the road, completely careless turning on one corner going down a minor road. Add to this a driver who was with all the senses on the road and driving at low speed. No need to explain my heart was pounding and a quiet sight of relief came afterwards when the children disappeared “safely” down the road.

I thought it was going to be a one off incident until I saw the same group of children again cycling, coming off to the same dual carriage way without looking.

Without looking, without helmet, without care. “So what?” you may wonder. Well, for starters it is an accident waiting to happen. Simple. To carry on, many thanks to the careful drivers. To finish, if that was my not so little one, he would not hear the end of it.

Runt over….