Grabber Revolution

Have you ever got the feeling that if you do not do something it will never get done?

Well, that is how I have been feeling for the last weeks. Let me tell you why.

In front of our house, between our path and the road, there is a stretch of land with bushes and trees (and yes, we already hanged a bird feeder from one tree which faces my son’s bedroom window, so he can see the birds) which in summer is a fresh green natural screen that separate us from the road and in winter is just bare and…yes, wintery.

Because this stretch of land is now bare, I can see everything: twigs, branches, stones, plants, and…. rubbish. Lots of. Bottles. Cans. Wrappings. Pieces of aged polystyrene. Supermarket bags. Lids. Costa Coffee cups. All scattered along this stretch of land which is about 50 metres long. This stretch I must see it every morning when I leave for work, and every afternoon / evening when I come back from work. I have to see it every time I walk along with my son to go to School, or to the park. You get the picture.

I SEE IT ALL THE TIME.And it is annoying. Waking up, move the curtains, look up, look down…and I see litter. Come back from the park…and litter. This stretch of land is trimmed by a quadrille that comes in the autumn to cut the hedge and to trim the trees. But not to clean it.

Hence…. Today was the day when I decided it had to change. Since we are on school holidays and my little one is remarkably better (he has been unwell for almost the entire week) and it is sunny outside (for a change!) I thought it would be a good idea to go out with the grabber, plastic bags, gloves, and woolly hats to pick up the litter. And so, we did.




No need to say that contrary to everybody else’s views and opinions, my little one had a blast of a time. What could be more fun than to go with the grabber and pick up a wrapping, a bottle, a lid? Discover bottles and count how many cans we found?

My little one saying aloud “all this plastic is no good for birds’ mummy! We must collect it with the grabber!” and giggling after every finding, saying “yucky!” more times than I can remember and  watching him separating plastic, tin and glass in some kind of order, pattern only known to him with a scientific concentration was priceless.

We stopped for lunch and afterwards we finish what we started. We brought back into our yard 2 bags full of plastic, about 6 cans and 4 bottles (yes, my son counted it all).Full bird feeder

Our reward was to put some seeds for the birds on the bird feeder and a new feeder, but this one hanging from the hedge, as an experiment.

We ended tired, but happy. I hope this activity helps him to recognise how important it is to put the littler where it should go and helps him to understand that he is responsible for looking after this planet of ours…no matter how small the contribution.





Banana Pancakes

Not much time, hungry little ones (and not so little!) and in desperate need for a healthy quick snack? I found this to be a great life saver and provides fun on the process!


– 1 Banana, large, ripe

– 2 eggs

– 90 grams rolled oats

– 1 teaspoon of baking powder

– 1 teaspoon of sugar (optional)

– Butter / oil spray / for the pan


– Food processor

– Pan



Add to the food processor the banana cut in small chunks, the oats, the eggs, the baking powder, and the sugar if you decide to use it. Blitz until you got a batter.

Heat the pan and cover it with the oil of your preference.

Pour a small amount and just prepare as any other pancake.

As I prepared them rather small, I had a small yield of 6 – 7. They taste lovely on their own and you can add any topping you like!

Not sure how long they may last. As I prepared them they dissipated from the plate!


Avocado? Nah. Avogado!!!

As my little one is recovering after 4 days of fever and not much can be done apart from ride the wave and make the most of this half term, I am sitting down and having a peek in Facebook.

A dear friend posted this link

I was struck by awe. The graphics are beautiful and real.  They convey all those things that sometimes I cannot put together with words. My curiosity took me forwards and making the most of some peace and quiet and honestly, a big dosage of laziness and a “Can´t be asked now to do anything else” moment  I started to search. And I found this.

The artist goes by “Avogado6” and I wish it could be found in English.

Please do enjoy.